Why We Do What We Do. Everyday.

We’re the founders of Neo, Justin Farmer (right) & Travis Fischer (left), the completely automated penetration-testing service that is changing the cybersecurity world. We’ve been interested in network security our entire lives and used to work in corporate America making great money, but we both realized that the system is broken and the life-blood of our economy is forgotten.

We saw that the smaller companies with smaller budgets are ignored when it comes to getting them the tools to stop hackers; We are changing that!

In case you want more…

We were not satisfied working only for corporations and decided that our expertise could be used in war zones to help protect those who protect us. The best place to support our friends, family and country while using our skills to combat cyber-terrorism and cyber-crime was the Middle East.

One fateful day in June 2014 changed all of that for us and took us on the quest that we’re on today. Justin was in Mosul performing a counter-espionage job for a client on the day ISIS invaded. He was rushed to a bunker and put on lockdown by the company’s security team for 3 days. Within those 3 days, Northern Iraq began to fall to ISIS and he barely made it out of the country before the airport was taken over.

Justin says “I really loved what we were doing (getting people secure from hackers), but I wanted to make sure I was going to be alive to be the husband and father that I am.” At this point we began creating a way to automate our penetration testing service remotely, rather than having to be there in person.

At that moment, Neo was born.

Cyber-security is a white-hot topic right now and there are many companies that offer similar services. We’ve even used some of their tools in the past, but to us these tools always lacked simplicity. Many smart Information Technology professionals provide high-level data security, however, providing this protection to smaller enterprises in a simple, easy to use format was never an option.

If we, as a people, want to avoid getting hacked by 12 year-old kids, cyber-criminals, and rogue countries, we need to up our game. The way to do that is through simplicity. If it’s simple, people will understand.

We’ve created two goals for Neo: Simplicity & Affordability

Neo is simple enough for anyone to use, yet sophisticated enough for the largest enterprise to secure their network.

We look forward to you joining us on our journey to secure the world.