Feature packed cybersecurity.
Small cost.

Understand the cyber threats that your business faces within seconds.

Neo™ is a hardware/software hacking simulation platform that continuously assesses your internal & external devices for exploits that hackers use against your organization.

Obligation Free

See how your security stacks up against our automated penetration testing robots.

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Automated reconnaissance that
easily finds all your network devices

Completely configuration-free setup that automatically begins ethically hacking your network devices to show you where your cyber-risk is along with the help you need to fix the problems.

Completely Customizable

Modify network device information to suit your needs by adding aliases, assigning to groups, and more.

Compliance Ready

Export all information into various formats allowing you to be compliance ready, everyday!

Results by segment

Easily segment network devices based on type and location allowing you to focus your security efforts.

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Continuous device analytics to address security risks

See the security of every device on your network with Neo™ with constant analytics showing you every issue you face, broken down into major and minor security concerns.

Historical Trends & Analytics

Understand the security of each device over time and how security changes can affect your network, all completely exportable.

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Completely Customizable Security Tests

Tell Neo™ what and when to test with our constantly expanding test sets, always included FREE of charge!

Scheduled & On-Demand Scanning

Set specific intervals that Neo™ will run or run on-demand security scans at will!

Customized Security

Specify specific devices to include as well as what types of hacking tests to perform at any time.

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